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I am a 16 years old girl that loves to make anime edits and gifs (even if I don't do it frequently). This blog is 80% anime, 10% gaming, 5% cute stuff and 5% random. Not spoiler free

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Natsume and Sasayan. || 
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Your Name?

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Mekakucity Actors / Op

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Translated a few notes on Levi’s mug from Shingeki no Kyojin: OUTSIDE Kou. 

*Air intakes (エアインテーク) were a new concept to me; they’re where the bangs stick up slightly from the hairline before gravity pulls the rest of the hair down, supposedly making them look like air vents. (Examples here.)

**Small faces (小顔) are generally considered an attractive feature in Japan, both for men and women nowadays.

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